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Songs We No Longer Sing

by Social Square

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He wants to be Justin Timberlake Don't we all I really should get myself a trim Your pretty face is all you got I figured the system could for me All this work And all the payback on the way Man check out all of my features Ain't that some astutely crafted shit?
I want out of this car Before I lose it once and for all I need a chance to find myself again Cause I've never felt so unamused, but yes I had a lovely weekend Tried everything but it's still so wrong This endless situation I can't just stand here and wait for more I can, I can it's dreadful All of my answers were swept away And buried under mounts of nothing Understand I'm really someone else, or shall we share some harmless chatting
Kids in a cage, you will catch your death Cracking down on all costs, you will catch your death All the ways of the world will have you think that life is safe till it hits you now It's all bad news, is it Well sign me in, I want to share Who wants it Will you pass it around Cold smiles might do the trick for you So easy to figure out it's true Just how easily you can slip Slowly worn like A rope and stone ledge Who wants it Will you pass it around
Big getting bigger What can you do when plans have been made for all Don't know what they are But this is never-ending You know how it goes We all have our reasons Well our days are simple Never mind truth You can say what you like And drown it in lies, you can Now child, you have not a chance but Who will still care If this is not happening This is not happening to us now
Try this now, I've had it all along Keep it up cause your gut is right All you're lacking is a little information Now the coward's tough Cause it's in my head And now I worry I can't I worry Count your blessings It isn't too hard Cause all the fake stuff Promises so much Now it's all dead I've been back and forth across the back of my hand
Tell me something funny and I'm sure to hit the floor As long as you keep it stupid You'll be amazed what you put up with, however insecure Endlessly projected But I said watch out kid You'll never see it coming And no one knows now
I lost control Whatever can I say I lost control What can I say I figured I would fight Never letting up But it all adds up to what Cause it goes You'll be the weaker one whatever you do So I'll just care for me You can let us know all that you feel We will take control now Did you get that we won't let you go Cause better days are coming Let me break out And leave it all behind But when you hate this world where do you go We should put up a fight Try to measure up Though it all adds up to what
This song is all I've got It's all that I have going on I try to ponder every step but I keep moving along These guys they like to let it hang Yeah it's all hanging These girls would not know something good if it should slap them in the face Where's your trust? Who do you love? Well it's wasted, it's all wasted Well it's wasted, why it's all gone to waste I have to disapprove I'm sorry, I gotta disapprove With everything I've got I'll fight back and shame those fools One of these days I will make things right and stay right Until they all know something good cause I'll go slap them in the face
Just when you think you've got it all figured out And every aspect neatly mapped in your head I thought I'd been around and shed any doubt I take it back and don't know what else can be said Sheer beauty can still blow your mind away Simplicity of everything that you love I take a deep breath and try pace my brain Still having trouble grasping everything It's just a muscle she needs to stand upright It's oh so common but it just feels so damn right It feels like the first time but I really like it here Yeah I could settle down, enjoy the view and fuck the fear
Blank (2012) 03:53
You left me with a blank check For time to think You left me with a blank check For nothing to do And yeah empty does not Begin to say The piece cut out So damn large What good are they now Memories in my brain I can't look them in the eye Cause you left me with a broken soul And so much time to think alone As I stand empty handed I just can't seem to fill the void
He died first And then his mom She kept forgetting that he was gone No food, no one around No one but the hungry cats started nibbling at their feet In the end she just fell to her bathroom floor Six weeks in the hot summer, two bodies waiting The stench will grab you from the front door Your gut says it can only be bad How could it be something you ignore Now should I cry or laugh or be mad Six weeks to let them go.


These songs were written, performed and recorded by Social Square over the years. We stopped playing them, but years later, we realized they weren't so bad. So here they are.
Thank you Arnaud, Laurent, Adeline, Renaud, James, Barry, Ben.


released November 30, 2016

All songs written and performed by Social Square.
Recorded in Paris by Renaud Person (2006-2008), James van Leuven (2010-2012) and Wonderflu (2013).
Re-mastered by Ben Auriel at Studio Bellagio (2016).




Social Square Paris, France

One guitar, one drum set, two amps and a load of sonic gadgets. In-your-face indie rock that also speaks to your brain.

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