Feeling Superhuman

by Social Square

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Social Square's first recordings as a duet! Faez plays drums, Patrick sings and plays guitar. On two amps.


released March 3, 2017

All songs written and performed by Social Square.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Ben Auriel and Arnaud Clergue at Studio Bellagio, Boulogne, Nov. 2016.

Mastered by Ben Auriel.

Artwork by Half Bob.




Social Square Paris, France

One guitar, one drum set, two amps and a load of sonic gadgets. In-your-face indie rock that also speaks to your brain.


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Track Name: Gold & Silver medals
Paths that won’t ever cross
That’s what we feared
We could be gazing at the same stars
In separate worlds
Could be a while
Or a lifetime
When you hold your candle in the wind
Don’t you know how strong it is

We were looking for / Answers
We started out
And found ‘em all
If it’s right there
Don’t turn around
It’s life we want
And we’ll take it all
I’d sit and wait
If I knew how
You ready love? I don’t know
You ready love? Ok now let’s go

But is it safe? I don’t know
Can we be brave? Well don’t you think so

Years keep moving forward
And staying still will work for sure
Gold and silver medals
You pick them up from off the floor

Now we’re blinking at the sun
As we shed our burdens
We get to sing a brand new song
Where silence was
Could go on for a while
That just might last a lifetime
Yeah keep your gaze firmly locked ahead
And never let go
Track Name: Feeling Superhuman
I’m on top of it all
And the world’s never seemed so small
It’s flowing through my veins
It’s a dirty job but hell
No one can do it so damn well
And I’ll never get enough

This is the realest thing
Fueling the power of everything
It’s coming on
I hand it over to you
Cause right now there’s no control
That overrated control

Make me want it more
Right till I get sore
My will has been erased
There’s nothing above this
It’s more powerful than an exorcist
And my will has been erased

I’m just a regular guy
I need some sweetness yeah to get by
But it’s more than I want
So I hand it over to you
Gladly abandoning all control
Yeah who needs control?
Track Name: As if there was an Escape
I won’t be that guy
A part of the pack
Doing unto others
A million specks gather into a stain

It’s like moving back
In a forward motion
And tying up your hands
Though you know just what to do

Just sit here
As you watch ‘em fade
Keep saying you didn’t know
Warped and out of control
As if there was an escape

It’s no good
It’s what you know
Keep hiding what we know

No taking back
No opting out
Do you need more time to figure out
The way out
Man we’re out of those for good

These promises made
They fly to another world
With wings spread out
We’re just short of another world
Track Name: Itching for a Sign
I’m under pressure
Feeling the bars weigh down
Cause everything’s worse
Now it’s tainted
I’ve got nowhere I can
Just turn my head right now
That’s ok I can bang it against this wall

It’s now or never
I doubt that’s true at all
Cause I’ve seen better
And it’s nothing like this
Are we moving upwards?
I know this goes nowhere
Yeah cause I’m headed there right now

Oh no
I’m there again
Itching for a sign
That somehow
This will end
Can’t you see it now

The goddamn pressure
Feeling those bars weigh down
Cause everything’s worse
Yeah it’s all tainted
I’ve got nowhere I can
Just turn my head just right now
So I’ll just bang it against this wall, over and over